Monday, October 29, 2012

Sharad Purnima and the Scientific significance

What to do on Sharad Purnima?
Moon has got a special place in the Indian Mythology, Ayurveda and a great astrological significance, Moon is said to control all the Emotional Aspects of our Life, the english Word "Lunatic" means mentally unstable and Ofcourse lunatic is derived from the latin Lunar for Moon.So In short ,there is a great correlation between Hindu and Western astronomy, e.g. you can normally feel emotionally either enthusiastic or depressed in the moonlight depending upon the place of Moon according to your Birth-stars .
 Importance of Sharad purnima: the sharad season marks the boundary of summers and winters, So in the Sharad season, the days are warm ( Like Summer) and Nights are Colder( like winters) so the temperature difference between day and night is very large, resulting in the Higher Levels of Pitta prakriti , On the Night Of Sharad full-moon or Sharad Purnima, the Moon-light keeps the Pitta in balance ( Pitta-Shamak) ,thus the overall health of the person is Improved, traditionally in the Night of Sharad Purnima , between 9 p.m. -12:00 a.m. when there is great Effect of Moonlight, Rice Pudding ( Kheer or ksheeram or Payasam) is kept in the moonlight so as to absorb all the Moonlight  and then consumed in small amounts in the mid-night and also on the next day. 
 This marks the overall Improvement of the person's health physically,mentally and Spiritually. thus the person doesn't suffer from any problem arising due to Tri-dosha as the Doshas are purified by the Elixir of the Moonlight . But this happens only Once a Year, so its best to try this natural Moonlight therapy so that you keep on with Your Mind  ,body and The Soul.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ancient Foundations Found beneath a Temple in Kishtwar.

Ancient Shiv-Lingam found during Excavation
Ashtadash Bhuja Mata Mandir , in Kishtwar is a very ancient temple. Its antiquity is dated back to several centuries back ,mentioned in Rajtarangini (1063-1089). It is popularly called "Hatta Waali Mata" and was the family temple of the ancient Mehta Family . The Mehta Family was gifted the lands of Kishtwar by the King of Kashmir. Now It was the old story, 3 years back , the Temple had to be renovated in view of the small accomodation and the Mehta family took the charge of renovation. The old temple was very small, the new temple needed to have good fondation about 2-3 metres deep. When the labours were excavating the foundation,they found some massive stone blocks beneath . When all the stone blocks were uncovered , People did not believe their eyes, An old foundation of stone blocks were uncoverd, it was definitely a sign of antiquity of the temple, many other Idols,lingams, and other remains were found .  Yesterday ,on the occasion of MahaNavami ,I went to the temple and What I saw was that the Garbhagriha ( sanctum-sanctorum) had been constructed over the old foundation and It was Open for the Public. I went down the stairway,as it is 2-3m deep from Ground level, I took some Photos so that I could share it here.

This is a Carved Stone Conduit mainly used for draining Water

Side View of the small water conduit

Front View of the Small water conduit. 

The Presence of the ancient  short Water conduit marks the possibility that the foundation had a Shiva-Lingam on it.

The Sanctum sanctorum Built over the Ancient foundation

Ancient Idol of Maa AshtaBhuja Durga

Top view of the ancient stone foundation

Monday, October 22, 2012

Navratra : the nine forms of Maa Aadishakti

Today is The Last Navratra of the year. There are Total 9 navratras (nav=9, ratra=nights) On the nine nights The Supreme Diety Maa Durga is Worshipped according to strict Vedic Rituals,the Navdurga Havan (yagya) is performed for 9 days,and Nine forms of Maa Durga are worshipped according to the order of days:
 1. Shailputri:(in this form,Maa Durga is worshipped in the form of Daughter of Hemavant) 2.Bhrahmcharini 
 3.Chandraghanta :.This form of Maa Durga is very powerful,there is a cresent on the fprehead of Mata and the Glorious sound of Mata and the Supreme Sinha(tiger) destroyes the Demons. On this day ,the Devotee hears divine sounds,which mark the path of devotee towards his Spiritual Journey .
 4. Kooshmanda:,this form is very special as the Bhrahmanda(Universe) is created by her Smile,I am sure this has a great Metaphysical significance.
 5.Skandhmata: (Mother of Skandha,Kumar Kartikeya) In this form ,the Motherly aspect of Maa Durga is Worshipped. In this form, Kumar Kartikeya who has 6 Faces is sitting in the Lap of Maa Skandhmata
File:Neuf Durga.jpg. 6. Katyayani. This form of Mata is very Blissful.
7. Kalratri.: (this is aN intense form of Mata,and clears out all the evil in or near devotee,This form is extremely powerful and helps to get rid of all evil, jealousy, greed,,envy,in the People and helps to mantain a balance between positive and negative forces.
 8. MahaGauri .
 9. Siddhidatri.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Student of the Year : Reviews

Student of the year movie is released today.
Now its time for some reviews:
I watched the movie today and it was a quick-plan . We got the tickets and everyone was excited to see the 3 new actors of bollywood. Most hyped Alia Bhatt as Shanaya, .Varun Dhawan as Rohan.&Sidharth Malhotra  as Abhimanyu.
The movie starts with a race,but the faces are not shown,well they are surely the main actors.
Then ,the story went on Exactly like the 3 Idiots of Amir Khan. I personally felt,this movie is gonaa be superb,but as time passed by ,The movie was just Normal,I felt the impressions of a number of movies from time to time ,the competition Student of the year had the theme of The Hunger games. One thing is sure this movie is good for entertainment but not too good to be called a All time favorite  This movie is good for teens and those who like romantic masala.
Action-meter= 2 out of 10 ( only the final marathon is good and some fight scenes are good.
Bollywood-masala-meter= 9 out of 10 , jealousy, love,flirting, two friends who become enemies for one girl is all time classical theme.
Dance-meter = 8 out of 10 ,nice choreography and good dress-up.
Song-meter= 4 out of 10 ,just one song is original,rest are all vopied from other songs.
Thrill-o-meter= 1 out of 10 ,only one thrill ,,,,why did Abhimanyu lose the Race ?
Emotion-meter = 2 out of 10 ,only the last scene where Rishi Kapoor is in Hospital and there is something to feel.
Now lets talk about actors.
Alia Bhatt ; She is Cute and at the same time she looks hot in skirts. Her innocent face makes her way towards audience's Hearts.In the movie,she had few dialogues to deliver ,  I felt she was lost in the end as the movie revolved around the actors and she was just a cause who was not that important, the movie would have been much better ,if there was Something in the movie where Alia bhatt had the control .But she is good for supporting roles,can't say about lead roles yet. In short Her talent hasn't been much utilized still whatever she has done ,she has done that perfectly.
Varun Dhawan: His looks are great.He is smart and dances well. but his acting can't be said good.It was below average. I feel that he might not be a successful actor , he may be good as supporting actor.
Sidharth Malhotra: Personally,I feel something is good about the actor,not only his looks are good,but he has a personality which differs him from Varun Dhawan,he will be a good actor and he can do lead roles well,he will be one of the most successful actors in Bollywood in the near  future. He is good for action movies than Romantic movies.Photo: The FINAL RESULT of Student Of The Year is OUT!!! 

Read what the critics and celebrities have to say about the movie, all in one place 》》》 []
Synopsis: this is a traditional Bollywood movie ,but there is something special about it,Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra, story is not that good ,but one does not feel bored in the movie. One can watch this in theaters.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Malala Yousafzai

A Little Girl from Pakistan Photo: Hit LIKE and share the photo of the 14 year old activist against Taliban who was shot by Taliban Yesterday,but She survived. Share her Photo so that every person on facebook,supports her mission against Terrorism .has started her crusade against the Talibani terror in Pakistan. She is just 14 year old,but has done what others have failed to achieve.She started fighting against Talibani terror since 2009,when she was just 11. At that time a young ,innocent girl of the beautiful Swat valley witnessed what the entire Pakistan and Afghanistan had already faced from decades. She was a Genius and knew the way to express her emotions, she posted a blog post for BBC ,The title of the post was ''I Am Afraid''. She was fighting for women Empowerment in Pakistan.Yesterday Talibani Militants stopped a Bus In swat valley and Shot Malala alonwith two other girls,she survived the attack but has left a lesson for the world to fight against Terrorism,

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Does US president Control the World

Today ,President Obama and his rival Mitt Romney will be having a face-off Debate . This is a Matter Of US but will Affect the whole world after the elections. US is the Superpower, One may believe or not ,but sure it is . All the matters of the world are watched down by the US people and ministers . It all started when US played the key role in the discovery of Oil in Saudi Arabia with the help of King Al-Saud. Before that ,Saudi Arabia was not a Rich country,it was just like today Iraq or Iran , but then the magic happened. The discovery of Oil in Saudi Arabia has not only make Arabia the richest monarchy but a unwilling supporter of The US. That's why despite of being the Chief of all Muslim Nations,it couldn't oppose the Participation of American Army In Iraq,Afghanistan . Now US has been laying pressures on Iran about the Nuclear weapon technology. Iranian President Ahmedinejad said that Iran will attack US bases in Iran but US-Israel Brotherhood is far more dominating than the many Muslim nation supported Iran. If by chance Iran gets Nuclear power,it will surely try to attack Israel .
  Thus who becomes the president is means who controls the affairs of the world .
To the Islamic world ,it is all about Conspiracy:the Freemasons,the Illuminati and other myths. They still are anti-Semitic and hate Jews more than any other person on earth. What Jews have done in the field of Science,technology,medicines,engineering,art is in front of all of us and not hidden from anyone,that is why The US is a great ally of Israel because: Israel is against -terrorism and has been flourishing in the midst of the terror hit nations .If any other country was in Place of Israel,it would have perished. Israel is chief in arms and technology. So if world war 3 happens to take place .The Muslim nations will support Iran against the US-Israel ally .But as far as US has a strong president the case of World War doesn't arise.
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