Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Does US president Control the World

Today ,President Obama and his rival Mitt Romney will be having a face-off Debate . This is a Matter Of US but will Affect the whole world after the elections. US is the Superpower, One may believe or not ,but sure it is . All the matters of the world are watched down by the US people and ministers . It all started when US played the key role in the discovery of Oil in Saudi Arabia with the help of King Al-Saud. Before that ,Saudi Arabia was not a Rich country,it was just like today Iraq or Iran , but then the magic happened. The discovery of Oil in Saudi Arabia has not only make Arabia the richest monarchy but a unwilling supporter of The US. That's why despite of being the Chief of all Muslim Nations,it couldn't oppose the Participation of American Army In Iraq,Afghanistan . Now US has been laying pressures on Iran about the Nuclear weapon technology. Iranian President Ahmedinejad said that Iran will attack US bases in Iran but US-Israel Brotherhood is far more dominating than the many Muslim nation supported Iran. If by chance Iran gets Nuclear power,it will surely try to attack Israel .
  Thus who becomes the president is means who controls the affairs of the world .
To the Islamic world ,it is all about Conspiracy:the Freemasons,the Illuminati and other myths. They still are anti-Semitic and hate Jews more than any other person on earth. What Jews have done in the field of Science,technology,medicines,engineering,art is in front of all of us and not hidden from anyone,that is why The US is a great ally of Israel because: Israel is against -terrorism and has been flourishing in the midst of the terror hit nations .If any other country was in Place of Israel,it would have perished. Israel is chief in arms and technology. So if world war 3 happens to take place .The Muslim nations will support Iran against the US-Israel ally .But as far as US has a strong president the case of World War doesn't arise.
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