Friday, July 20, 2012

Warwan -The Hidden Paradise.

Warwan is One of the Remotest Places in The Jammu And Kashmir States, It is Niabat in Kishtwar District Sharing Borders with Kashmir. It can be Reached via Daksum and Marwah. The Serene valley can be seen after crossing the Margan Top. 

Masked Person Kills 14 people During The Screening Of The Dark Knight Rises

A masked Gunman Killed 14 people During the screening of The Dark Knight Rises In Century Theater Cinema in Denver  at Aurora Mall. The killer was about 20, he put tear gas and killed 14 people and Injured 30 people. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Parineeti Chopra-

Parineeti Chopra Is the New Bollywood Sensation. She is Not hot like Her Cousin Priyanka ,but her charm has won million Men's heart. her cuteness is all that makes anyone to Love her. Her Debut Movie was Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl. But that did not made the magic, still she won the Award for best Debut . Her story changed when she and her co-star Arjun Kapoor lost a lot of weight and then there was a Magic- Ishaqzaade, A movie with a new idea and One was deeply moved by the movie in the end. Parineeti has a voice that is cuter than her face. Her Dialogue delivery is awesome . Now she is going to make another movie with Ranbir Kapoor - Besharam. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

India and Pakistan- A cricket friendship Or another Political Play

According to Recent sources, Pakistan Cricket Team Is soon Going to Tour India In december This year. After 26/11 Mumbai Attacks, Pakistan was banned to play in India, However The Players of PAK team were allowed to Play in Indian Premiere League, and Shah Rukh Khan Supported the Most Of them, Which became a serious issue Last year. Now Every sport personality is Against this Step Like Sunil Gavaskar Etc. Most suitable reason to Invite Pakistan In India for Match is to get a huge Attention and worldwide Publicity as It is A Matter of Common sense and Every Indian Or Pakistani Citizen would Die to Watch India Vs. Pakistan match. SO ever wonder A billion persons from India watching Cricket? That means ONly if  Indian audience watches the match , 16% of the world population is watching India Vs Pakistan. Even Cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar become Excited when it comes to India Vs. Pak. Now The matter is Of political concern if they allow Pakistan to play the match and begin Friendly relations. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Earthquake In North India

Earthquake hit North India. Recently. It was Of 6.3 magnitude on Ritcher  Scale . The Epicenter was near Hindukush Range In Afghanistan. Affected Cities are ; Delhi NCR , Jammu And Kashmir ,Chandigarh Punjab etc. I was Just sitting In Living room and experienced the quake. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Lady Murdered In Afghanistan. Where is the rest of world?

Height of Inhumanity - A lady in veil(burqa)  Publicly killed by taliban Militants  . The woman was accused of adultery and a cheerful group of men was boasting during the act. Even the taliban circulated the video to witness such merciless punishment . Even now the women are not safe in Afghanistan , and it is the taliban who is the sole cause of such situation of women in Afghanistan. Afghan women are not able to come out of their homes without a complete Head to Toe Burqa. Karzai has ordered to arrest the taliban militants but it is  just a formality. No one has ever came to therescue of the afghan women and they still are living a miserable life.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Kishtwar  Jammu Kashmir..THe river you see is the great Chenab.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

What is Higg's Boson Particle

The Higgs boson is an elementary particle in the Standard Model (SM) of particle physics. It belongs to a class of particles known as bosons, characterized by an integer value of their spin quantum number. The Higgs field is a quantum field that fills all of space. Fundamental particles (or elementary particles) such as quarks and electrons acquire mass through the Higgs mechanism. The Higgs boson is the quantum of the Higgs field, just as the photon is the quantum of the electromagnetic field. The Higgs boson has a large mass, however, which is why a large accelerator is needed to study it.
The existence of the Higgs boson was predicted by the Standard Model to explain how spontaneous breaking of electroweak symmetry (the Higgs mechanism) takes place in nature, which in turn explains why other elementary particles have mass. Its tentative discovery may validate the Standard Model as essentially correct, as it is the final elementary particle predicted by the Standard Model awaiting observation in particle physics experiments. The Standard Model completely fixes the properties of the Higgs boson, except for its mass. It is expected to have no spin and no electric or color charge, and it interacts with other particles through the weak interaction and Yukawa-type interactions between the various fermions and the Higgs field. Alternative sources of the Higgs mechanism that do not need the Higgs boson are also possible and would be considered if the existence of the Higgs boson were ruled out. They are known as Higgsless models.
Experiments to confirm and determine the nature of the Higgs boson are currently being performed using the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, and were performed at Fermilab's Tevatron until its closure in late 2011. Mathematical consistency of the Standard Model requires that any mechanism capable of generating the masses of elementary particles become visible at energies above 1.4 TeV; therefore, the LHC (designed to collide two 7-TeV proton beams) was built to answer the question of whether or not the Higgs boson actually exists.
In December 2011, the two main experiments at the LHC (ATLAS and CMS) both reported independently that their data hinted at a possibility the Higgs may exist with a mass around 125 GeV/c2 (about 133 proton masses, on the order of 10−25 kg), with masses outside the range 115–130 GeV/c2 were very likely to be ruled out.
Following CERN's 22 June 2012 announcement of a seminar to present the latest results and heightened media speculation,on 4 July 2012, CERN confirmed the "five sigma" level of evidence needed to show a formal discovery of a particle which was "consistent with the Higgs boson", acknowledging that further work would be needed to conclude that it indeed had all theoretically predicted properties of the Higgs boson, and exactly which version of the Standard Model it best supported if confirmed.

God particle ( Higg's Boson particle ) discovered

CERN has found/discovered a new particle of the mass region of  125-126 GeV called Higg's Boson particle ,heaviest tparticle found till date. this is said to be 99.99% God particle. CERN released a press release today mentioning the experiment and the finds ...... ... The Standard Model describes the fundamental particles from which we, and every visible thing in the universe, are made, and the forces acting between them. All the matter that we can see, however, appears to be no more than about 4% of the total. A more exotic version of the Higgs particle could be a bridge to understanding the 96% of the universe that remains obscure.    ........this is preliminary step , more will be discovered later this year after the Observations of LHC in Geneva, headquarters of CERN.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Am I dead

  • Somtyms i feel lonely in d midst of a crowd...
  • .. A river passing by and people dying of thirst
  • . ...raindrops without ant satiety to earth..
  • ..the summer without any heat..
  •  .winter is flowing deep in my body
  •  . ..chilled widout any pain 
  •  without any hope. ..i lay...
  • .i was playing with my kids just before i slept. 
  • ..but ..oh! i cant try to wake up 
  •  .i hear everyone crying and asking  
  • something i can hear but can no longer figure it out
  •  or reply them either..... ....
  • ...i dont knw how to tell this in words to anybody
  •  ....but i knw deep in mah heart that it will pass to other hearts
  •  ....coz heart will never stop feeling emotions .
  • .living or dead. ..for d world
  •  i may seem dirty but there is nothing purer than death ..
  • ..for the world I maybe rubbish.but i am special for myself..

  • .... after all this let me guess... .
  •  .aint i dead
  • ....Tell me? Am I dead.....

My world .. The perfect one

oh...sailor. Take me beyond the horizon. To a new world . where. No wealth controls me no addiction without love. only joy of self realisation. Rhythm of tranquil. where.the pursuit of love and hatred ends. With the victory of love. Where Black clouds signify only . Arrival of rain relation.exists...nor any hatred. Only me ,my imaginations may never end and i lay in the lap of dark waiting for light to shower my heart wid the endless joy. Freed me from all worldly chains of slavery ..i.want to fly far beyond the sky .no limits no hinderance. For this is a world of mine .my hopes My imaginations .where only i live .n no one is against me .my world. Yes, i m lost .in the ocean of my imaginations.where no one can find me.but i ain't selfish.for joy isn't a sin .take deep breath and dive in the ocean of imagination..... explore urself. There as u are alone with urself. One active mind in the subconcious one...both of ur own. Where no oxygen is needed to sustain. Only ur depth in the ocean goes on and on reach beyond the limits....there .is it .ohh,,,,,,joy....pleasure..eternal beauty ....lights all around.....i have found my world....myself.....there it is.. My world .my little world which means a lot to me and nobody still knows..... . .

Mc Mary Com ...Another face of Indian women

Mc Mary Com ...the first woman BOXER from India to take part in London OLYmpicsLONDON OLYMPICS 2012,.....The motto for the London Olympics is "Inspire a generation"..... and this is really what Mc Mary com is doing......  Why not support this 

M.C.Mary Kom :

First women boxer from India to have won Five World Titles consecutively. She has more than 3 Asian titles and eleven National titles 

  • She has recieved 
  •  the Arjuna Award,
  •  the Padma Shri Award, 
  • the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award and 
a special award from AIBA.

She is a mother of twin sons...  
After being the crazy supporters of IPL ....lets show some real respect towards a lady who is the only and first lady  contender (participant) for Olympics in a Boxing event...    SHow your respect and share this to that everyone supports her.
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