Monday, July 16, 2012

India and Pakistan- A cricket friendship Or another Political Play

According to Recent sources, Pakistan Cricket Team Is soon Going to Tour India In december This year. After 26/11 Mumbai Attacks, Pakistan was banned to play in India, However The Players of PAK team were allowed to Play in Indian Premiere League, and Shah Rukh Khan Supported the Most Of them, Which became a serious issue Last year. Now Every sport personality is Against this Step Like Sunil Gavaskar Etc. Most suitable reason to Invite Pakistan In India for Match is to get a huge Attention and worldwide Publicity as It is A Matter of Common sense and Every Indian Or Pakistani Citizen would Die to Watch India Vs. Pakistan match. SO ever wonder A billion persons from India watching Cricket? That means ONly if  Indian audience watches the match , 16% of the world population is watching India Vs Pakistan. Even Cricketers like Sachin Tendulkar become Excited when it comes to India Vs. Pak. Now The matter is Of political concern if they allow Pakistan to play the match and begin Friendly relations. 
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