Monday, April 23, 2012

Nature : Duck staring at camera

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Agni-V launched

India conducted a successful test-fire of Agni-V Ballistic missile ,an indigenously developed  5000km strike range nuclear capable ballistic missile. The missile hit the Indian Ocean in a perfect wayThe three stage, solid propellant missile was test-fired from a mobile launcher from launch complex-4 of the Integrated Test Range (ITR) in Wheeler Island near here at about 8:05am.After the maiden launch, the Agni-V witnessed a smooth and perfect vertical lift-off from the launcher and thorough analysis was done to assess its health parametres after retrieval of data from all a wide range of sophisticated communication network systems

J&K's first Wind power plant

J&K's first wind power plant will be installed at Bidda site of Reasi district. This project has a capability of 10MW,being the 1st wind power plant in the state. Two sites were tested for wind potential,one in Baramulla and other in Reasi. The Baramulla site was not feasible.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

London olympics 2012

This olympic is gonna be awesome........17,000 atheletes, 70,000 journalists and half a million spectators.....LONDON will create a history,much costlier than China did
The motto for the London Olympics has been revealed as "Inspire a generation" as events are held to mark the 100-day countdown to the opening ceremony.
London 2012 chairman Seb Coe was at the unveiling of a giant set of Olympic rings, made up of 20,000 flowers, at Kew Gardens in west London.
He said: "Expectations are high and we won't disappoint."
Meanwhile, a BBC poll found 64% of 2,007 people thought taxpayers had paid too much to cover the Games' costs.
However, 55% said it would prove good value in terms of benefits to the UK.
Red Arrows
Announcing the motto, Lord Coe said: "It is everything we have been saying since we have started this extraordinary journey.
"It is the heartbeat, the very DNA of this organisation and a rallying cry for the athletes to come to the UK to perform at their very best and inspire the world."
He said it was vital organisers put athletes at the centre of the preparations and pledged: "We are going to deliver a fabulous Games for this country and the 200 other nations who'll be welcomed here."

Monday, April 16, 2012

Arjun kapoor weight loss

Arjun kapoor , Son of Boney Kapoor  and debuting in Bollywood movie " ISHAQZAADE" lost 65kgs . his weight was 140 kgs. Apart from Sonakshi sinha and Sonam kapoor ,he's the newest celebrity son to be in the biggest loser list....  HIs weight loss will have a mighty effect on his career.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Earthquake in gujarat and maharashtra

Mild tremors have been felt in Mumbai and several parts of Maharasthra and Gujarat. Earthquake of 4.9 magnitude hits Satara, leading to tremors in parts of Western India.
Tremors also felt in Pune, Kutch, Nashik, Ratnagiri. Reports suggest that there were two quakes, the first one at around 9 am in Kutch, Gujarat; and the second around 11 am in Satara, Maharashtra.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

North Korea to launch Satellite:US warning

North Korea is ready to launch a satellite, an official said Wednesday.

On Wednesday morning, the North Korean government invited a group of journalists to visit the General Satellite Control and Command Center, located some 20 km northwest of Pyongyang, reported Xinhua.

Paek Chunghou, general director of the facility, said that workers had placed the satellite on the rocket and fuel is being injected into the rocket.

"We're sure that we will be successful," he said through an interpreter.

Asked if North Korea would launch the satellite Thursday since the weather condition is currently very good, the director said he was still awaiting the order for the exact time to launch the satellite.

North Korea announced last month its decision to launch the Kwangmyongsong-3 satellite, an earth observation satellite, between April 12 and 16 to mark the 100th birthday of late country's founder Kim Il Sung.

The announcement has triggered strong reactions from the US and North Korea's neighbours South Korea and Japan, with all three countries pressurizing Pyongyang to halt the plan.

Calling the planned satellite launch as "provocative" and "inconsistent with its commitments", the US suspended planned food aid to the country March 28.

On Feb 29, the two countries announced that they had reached a deal, under which North Korea agreed to suspend nuclear enrichment activities as well as long-range missile launches and allow international inspectors back into the country, while the US would provide the country with 240,000 tonnes of nutritious aid.

South Korea also maintains that the satellite launch could be a disguised test of a long-range missile.

Both South Korea and Japan warned that they could intercept the rocket if it or its fragments threaten to hit the two countries.

Indonesia quake: India issues tsunami warning

 India has issued tsunami warning for Andaman and Nicobar Islands, coastal regions of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh following a massive 8.7 magnitude earthquake off Sumatra coast. The Chennai port has been shut down due to tsunami alert.Indonesia quake: India issues tsunami warning
National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams have already been rushed to Andaman and Nicobal Islands, coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.
Tsunami alert: Time of the likely impact in India:

- Tsunami likely to hit Little Andaman at 15:46 IST
- Tsunami likely to hit Port Blair at 16:02 IST
- Tsunami likely to hit North Andaman at 16:22 IST
- Tsunami likely to hit Chennai at 16:57 IST
- Tsunami likely to hit Kakinada at 17:35 IST
- Tsunami likely to hit Trivandrum at 17:38 IST
- Tsunami likely to hit Mangalore at 19:06 IST
- Tsunami likely to hit Bombay at 21:38 IST
- Tsunami likely to hit Gulf of Kutch at 22:04 IST
Strong tremors were felt in different cities of the country on Wednesday afternoon. People in multi-storeyed apartments and those working in high rise buildings rushed out in panic after they felt the tremors.
Tremors were felt in Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Patna, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Cuttack, Bhubaneshwar and several other cities on the eastern coast of India.
"We have issued a tsunami warning for Nicobar islands," Shailesh Nayak, Secretary Ministry of Earth Sciences said.
The projections issued by the Indian Tsunami Early Warning Centre (ITEWC) showed the tidal waves triggered by the quake hitting parts of Nicobar, Komatra and Katchal minutes after it struck the region at 14:08 IST. The ITEWC also issued an alert for coastal Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and the Andaman islands forecasting the arrival time of the first wave.
For Tamil Nadu, the first wave was expected to reach the coastal regions at around 4:33 pm.
Strong tremors were felt in Chennai and some other nearby areas. People in multi storeyed apartments and those working in high rise buildings rushed out to open areas.
Kolkata and its neighbourhood were rocked by tremors which were also felt in North 24 Parganas adjoining Kolkata and in the north Bengal town of Siliguri.
A large number of people rushed out of offices in Park street and downtown BBD Bagh area here as windows and doors rattled.
According to reports, some buildings on Park Street developed cracks. Metro Rail services in the metropolis were suspended from 2:42 pm and passengers were asked to vacate stations.
The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii said a tsunami watch was in effect for Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Myanmar, Thailand, the Maldives and other Indian Ocean islands, Malaysia, Pakistan, Somalia, Oman, Iran, Bangladesh, Kenya, South Africa and Singapore.
A tsunami watch means there is the potential for a tsunami, not that one is imminent.
The US Geological Survey said the powerful quake was centered 33 kilometers beneath the ocean floor.
A giant 9.1-magnitude quake off the country on December 26, 2004, triggered a tsunami in the Indian Ocean that killed 2,30,000 people, nearly three quarter of them in Aceh.
According to Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre, a tsunami watch is in effect for countries including: Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, Thailand, Mauritius, Seychelles, Pakistan, Somalia, Oman, Medagascar, Iran, UAE, Yemen, Comores, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Mozambique, Kenya, Crozet Islands, Kergullen islands, South Africa and Singapore.
An earthquake has occurred with these preliminary parameters:
Coordinates: 2.0 North 92.5 East
Location: Off W Coast Of Northern Sumatra
Magnitude: 8.6
Evaluation: Earthquakes of this size have the potential to generate a widespread destructive tsunami that can affect coastlines across the entire Indian Ocean basin.

SONY XPERIA S launched at.. 32549INR

Sony Mobile Communications Tuesday launched Xperia S handset in the Indian market at a price of Rs 32,549, along with three other devices.

These are the first phones to be made available in the country since Sony Mobile Communications became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation earlier this year post its split with Ericsson.

The flagship smartphone Xperia S has a 4.3-inch scratch resistant TFT touchscreen, along with 12.1 mega pixel camera and 1.5GHz Qualcomm dual core processor.        
The pricing of the other devices -- Xperia P, Xperia U and Xperia Sola -- was however not disclosed.

Sony Xperia P has 8 MP camera, 2. 4-inch reality display, Mobile BRAVIA engine, 1 GHz Qualcomm dual core processor Android 2.3 Gingerbread (upgradeable to Android 4.0 ICS) and 16GB memory.

Sony Xperia U and Sony Xperia Sola have 5MP camera, 8GB memory and Android 2.3 Gingerbread (upgradeable to Android 4.0 ICS).

"Of the 150 million phones sold last year in India, about 10 million were smartphones. The category is growing at 70 percent and we estimate that by 2015, one in two phones sold would be a smartphone. This is the potential that we see in the smartphone category in India," Sony Mobile Communications India Managing Director P Balaji told reporters here.

As part of the Sony group, the company is in a stronger position to bring connected entertainment experiences to consumers in India, he added.

"Bringing together the best of Sony's electronics, networked services and content, the Xperia smartphone is a cornerstone to enjoy entertainent in this connected world," he said.

To introduce Xperia smartphones, Sony has launched one of its largest brand and marketing campaigns in India called 'Made of Imagination'.

Balaji, however, declined to comment on the investments in the campaign or the number of devices to be launched this year.

Sony Mobile Communications Tuesday launched Xperia S handset in the Indian market at a price of Rs 32,549, along with three other devices.

Monday, April 9, 2012


When Yuvraj Singh set foot in Delhi after India had won the World Cup, it was his "happiest moment in the capital". A year later, the batting star returned to the capital on Monday morning after another "victory". This time, he just looked relieved as he tried to keep his emotions in check in the face of a battery of cameras and microphones. 

"Thank God I am home" was all he said. But the sentence captured his rollercoaster ride through hell and back these past few months.

Yuvraj was returning from England after successfully completing the four-month chemotherapy course in the US for treating a malignant tumour on his lung. He walked out of the T 3 departure lounge through a side gate at 10am and was greeted by a sea of mediapersons and fans.

His mother, Shabnam Singh, who was by Yuvi's side as he battled his illness in Indianapolis (US), termed the Team India all-rounder's return after fighting off cancer as "having won the World Cup again".

As fans and onlookers greeted him with loud cheers, the southpaw acknowledged them with a wave of his hand. He then quickly got into a waiting car and drove straight to his Gurgaon house. There too, a fresh set of followers and mediapersons welcomed him. Overwhelmed, the nostalgic cricketer emerged on his balcony, waving his hands, smiling and thanking everybody.

Sources close to the family said for next 10 days Yuvraj will be at home, resting and recuperating from jet-lag. Sources confirmed that he will not rush back to the field. Doctors who treated him in the US have said he shouldn't push himself.

"He will not start everything immediately. If he is feeling good after a gym session, he can continue to do that," a source close to the cricketer said.

Yuvraj's diet will be normal. His mother said that he will be on 'organic food' cooked at home. Another family source said Yuvraj plans to watch the IPL matches of his Pune team in May.

"Right now, his only plan is to rest at home," he said.

iPhone 5 Rumours

 Soon after the launch of the new iPad, the rumour mill has turned its attention back to the the next-generation iPhone. Speculations are rife that the new iPhone, unofficially dubbed the iPhone 5, will come out in June. Let's see what all the rumours have to say:
1. The new iPhone is expected to hit the market in June this year, reported Mashable. Quoting a Foxconn recruiter, Mashable said, "people will see a new iPhone in June this year. In an interview with TV Tokyo's World Business Satellite, the recruiter said that the iPhone would be headed our way this summer, when a reporter asked the recruiter how many people the company was looking to hire. He answered: We are looking for 18,000 employees...for the fifth-generation phone." Further, the reporter clarified that the recruiter was talking about the iPhone 5, and in return the recruiter added that the next generation of the iPhone will come out in June.
Considering Apple's new strategy of not naming the product, it can not be said that whether it will be called the "iPhone 5" or the "new iPhone". It will, however, be the 6th iPhone from Apple. After the release of the iPhone, the company launched an iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.Top 10 iPhone 5 rumours

2. Apple's new iPhone will have a sharper and bigger 4.6-inch "retina" display, as reported by Reuters. The high-definition "retina" display contains several times as many pixels within the same area. However, its major display suppliers LG Display and Samsung Electronics Co declined to comment.
3. The new iPhone is reported to be 4G LTE compatible, It seems more likely now after Apple released an iPad with 4G support.
4. Reportedly, Apple is working on a smaller dock connector for charging and data transfers to help make extra room in its portable devices.
5. According to a report from Citigroup technology analyst Richard Gardner, Apple has no desire to sell cheaper smartphones. The company believes in producing great products, as it considers that customers are willing to pay more for them. So, The next-gen iPhone could be more expensive.
6. The iPhone5 could have a quad-core A6 processor, according to reports. But it does not seem plausible as Apple is not known for upgrading the technology so fast. Before the launch of the new iPad, people were expecting it to come equipped with A6 processor, but it did not happen and their hopes dashed when the company unveiled the A5X-powered iPad.
7. The upcoming iPhone is said to come packed with an updated version of Siri and a better battery than the existing one.
8. It is speculated that Apple might include Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in the iPhone 5, which allows for simplified transactions, data exchange and wireless connections between two devices in close proximity to each other.
9. If rumours are to be believed, the new iPhone will not be slimmer than the iPhone 4S.
10. Considering the fact that Apple is scaling up its production and its vendors are hiring more people, the initial launch of the iPhone 5 is expected to happen in more countries including India.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Micromax Launches Tablet PC "FUNBOOK" at just Rs6499

Mobile phone maker Micromax has forayed into the burgeoning tablet PC market with its 'FunBook' priced at Rs 6,499.

The device, targetted specially at the education sector, will be manufactured in India at the company's manufacturing unit in Haridwar.    <!--adsense-->

"We have a manufacturing capacity of one lakh units per month and we are already looking at increasing that number. That should give an idea to the kind of numbers we are looking at for the device," Micromax CEO Deepak Mehrotra told .

The company would also undertake 360-degree marketing campaign for the product, which would see Micromax making "significant" investments in, Mehrotra said without divulging further details.

The seven-inch FunBook is based on the Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich platform and has a 1.22 GHz processor, 0.3 MP VGA front camera, 4 GB internal memory, expandable upto 32GB.

The company has partnered with Pearson and Everonn to make educational content available on the tablet PC.

"Users need to just pay Rs 799 for educational content of a particular class and they can get access to the multimedia content from our partners," Mehrotra said adding that the partners would also help in taking the device to various educational institutions.

Micromax has joined companies like HCL Infosystems and WishTel, which have launched tablet PCs, targetted at the education sector. Following the government's low-cost Aakash device, these companies are tying up with educational organisations to deliver multimedia content to students.
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