Friday, October 19, 2012

Student of the Year : Reviews

Student of the year movie is released today.
Now its time for some reviews:
I watched the movie today and it was a quick-plan . We got the tickets and everyone was excited to see the 3 new actors of bollywood. Most hyped Alia Bhatt as Shanaya, .Varun Dhawan as Rohan.&Sidharth Malhotra  as Abhimanyu.
The movie starts with a race,but the faces are not shown,well they are surely the main actors.
Then ,the story went on Exactly like the 3 Idiots of Amir Khan. I personally felt,this movie is gonaa be superb,but as time passed by ,The movie was just Normal,I felt the impressions of a number of movies from time to time ,the competition Student of the year had the theme of The Hunger games. One thing is sure this movie is good for entertainment but not too good to be called a All time favorite  This movie is good for teens and those who like romantic masala.
Action-meter= 2 out of 10 ( only the final marathon is good and some fight scenes are good.
Bollywood-masala-meter= 9 out of 10 , jealousy, love,flirting, two friends who become enemies for one girl is all time classical theme.
Dance-meter = 8 out of 10 ,nice choreography and good dress-up.
Song-meter= 4 out of 10 ,just one song is original,rest are all vopied from other songs.
Thrill-o-meter= 1 out of 10 ,only one thrill ,,,,why did Abhimanyu lose the Race ?
Emotion-meter = 2 out of 10 ,only the last scene where Rishi Kapoor is in Hospital and there is something to feel.
Now lets talk about actors.
Alia Bhatt ; She is Cute and at the same time she looks hot in skirts. Her innocent face makes her way towards audience's Hearts.In the movie,she had few dialogues to deliver ,  I felt she was lost in the end as the movie revolved around the actors and she was just a cause who was not that important, the movie would have been much better ,if there was Something in the movie where Alia bhatt had the control .But she is good for supporting roles,can't say about lead roles yet. In short Her talent hasn't been much utilized still whatever she has done ,she has done that perfectly.
Varun Dhawan: His looks are great.He is smart and dances well. but his acting can't be said good.It was below average. I feel that he might not be a successful actor , he may be good as supporting actor.
Sidharth Malhotra: Personally,I feel something is good about the actor,not only his looks are good,but he has a personality which differs him from Varun Dhawan,he will be a good actor and he can do lead roles well,he will be one of the most successful actors in Bollywood in the near  future. He is good for action movies than Romantic movies.Photo: The FINAL RESULT of Student Of The Year is OUT!!! 

Read what the critics and celebrities have to say about the movie, all in one place 》》》 []
Synopsis: this is a traditional Bollywood movie ,but there is something special about it,Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra, story is not that good ,but one does not feel bored in the movie. One can watch this in theaters.
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