Monday, October 22, 2012

Navratra : the nine forms of Maa Aadishakti

Today is The Last Navratra of the year. There are Total 9 navratras (nav=9, ratra=nights) On the nine nights The Supreme Diety Maa Durga is Worshipped according to strict Vedic Rituals,the Navdurga Havan (yagya) is performed for 9 days,and Nine forms of Maa Durga are worshipped according to the order of days:
 1. Shailputri:(in this form,Maa Durga is worshipped in the form of Daughter of Hemavant) 2.Bhrahmcharini 
 3.Chandraghanta :.This form of Maa Durga is very powerful,there is a cresent on the fprehead of Mata and the Glorious sound of Mata and the Supreme Sinha(tiger) destroyes the Demons. On this day ,the Devotee hears divine sounds,which mark the path of devotee towards his Spiritual Journey .
 4. Kooshmanda:,this form is very special as the Bhrahmanda(Universe) is created by her Smile,I am sure this has a great Metaphysical significance.
 5.Skandhmata: (Mother of Skandha,Kumar Kartikeya) In this form ,the Motherly aspect of Maa Durga is Worshipped. In this form, Kumar Kartikeya who has 6 Faces is sitting in the Lap of Maa Skandhmata
File:Neuf Durga.jpg. 6. Katyayani. This form of Mata is very Blissful.
7. Kalratri.: (this is aN intense form of Mata,and clears out all the evil in or near devotee,This form is extremely powerful and helps to get rid of all evil, jealousy, greed,,envy,in the People and helps to mantain a balance between positive and negative forces.
 8. MahaGauri .
 9. Siddhidatri.

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