Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Pilgrimage - Kailash Mansarovar- introduction.

Pilgrimages have always been the key step to achieve spiritual heights in every religion like Char Dham yatra, Amarnath Yatra, Maa Vaishno Devi Yatra, Kailash-Mansarovar Yatra in Hindu Dharma, Pilgrimages to Santiago De Compostela ( the theme of the Novel "the Pilgrimage" by Paulo Coelho ) in Christianity and the Pilgrimage to  Mecca (HAjj) in Islam. But Unlike the pilgrimages in the western religions ,the Pilgrimages of the Hindus are very special in the way they are carried out and the Aim of Enlightenment . The Himalayas are    
the center of most shrines in India as Lord Shiva is said to be present there in his Divine dhyan .Lord Shiva lives in Kailash parvat, the Mountain revered and by Hindus, Bons, and Buddhists, It is this Mount Kailash that is named so many times by different names in the Puranas like The Sumeru parvat. Adjoining this Mountain is present the Holy Lake of Mansarovar or The Manas, which is very peculiar in its vastness at that height of 4556m making it the Highest freshwater lake in the world  and the source of such a large number of Rivers of the South-Asia ---  The Indus( Sindhu which runs through Tibet, India and Pakistan) The Sutlej( Main River in Northern India and Meets Indus in Punjab , the River on which the highest Dam in India , The Bhakra Dam is Built) , Karnali ( main Contributory of The Ganga/Ganges and runs through Nepal And India) the  Tsang-po or Brahmaputra ,the only Male River according to Hindu Mythology and it means= The Son of Brahma which runs through Tibet , India ,Bangladesh  . There are very popular folk songs in Assam for this River ,representing the closeness of people with this river. And the Lost but not the Least The Yarlung which flows from China to myanmar is the Life -line of Myanmar,without this river life would have been too hard for the people there.I will continue the more secrets about the Kailash and mansarovar and more Pilgrimages in India.
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