Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rangoli Competition held in Gcet jammu

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Nokia Software Update: Problem Resolved with Internet Error.

I have suffered from the Nokia Software Update problem from the past 5 days and believe me , I have suffered a Lot because of this, I searched on the Internet a lot , Like in Nokia Support Discussions , Yahoo Groups, Google Searches, Wiki answers and so on , But never found a single solution for the Problem.
 When I Updated my Nokia Software to an updated version, I was very excited about the results, and after the update I restored the Phone so as to secure all Files on the Phone memory and The Contacts, but right after I began Using my phone, It started asking the Lock code, I seriously don't remember the Lock code which I had created 2 years back, then I found a temporary solutions. In The Lock Code Box Type 112 and do an Emergency call , Disconnect the Call Immediately and the Lock Code Box Will be all gone.
  Another Problem was with Internet Connection , whenever I tried to Connect with Internet , It said Connection Error , I did a Lot of Google search and other things , but all in vain, I also went to Nokia Care But they demanded a Huge Money for such a Simple Bug , Rs500 ($10) , I was sure I can Find a Solution, I had seen that people saying "Do a Hard Format Of the Mobile " but without Lock code , it was useless,
Now i have the Solution and I want to Share It with You, If anyone comes with the same Problem , HEre iS the Solution,
   Step 1: Switch Off Your Phone.
   Step 2: Press "3" "*" and the answer key , simultaneously.
      Keep these 3 buttons Pressed for 3-4 seconds.
   Step 3:Switch On your Phone with the 3 Buttons still pressed.
   Step 4; When you see the Nokia Logo Popping Up In the Screen, let go of the Buttons.
   Your Phone is now Debugged and You can surf Internet without any Problem.
Hope It works For you,
Don't forget to give your feedback.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Nokia Lock Code after Software Update

I recently Updated the Mobile Software to 510.21.010 , Mine is Nokia E63. When I started the Update I made a backup with the Nokia Suite and then started the update, the Internet speed was pretty good and the Nokia software Updater downloaded the whole Update in less than 30 minutes, then came the hard thing, the software install which took about 10 minutes, But the real problem had just started , My Nokia Phone started asking me the Lock code, which I had forgotten, Still I knew a temporary solution , calling 112 and then disconnecting the call, it worked as usual. I restored the phone from the backup Using Nokia Pc Suite but only 59% data had been restored, I tried many times but all in vain. Now it has been 2 days and I can't use internet on my mobile, even it is not connecting to any Wi-fi connection. I am done with this , I have done a Lot of Google Search for any  solution but of no use. If any of You have the solution please tell me. 
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