Monday, November 12, 2012

Nokia Lock Code after Software Update

I recently Updated the Mobile Software to 510.21.010 , Mine is Nokia E63. When I started the Update I made a backup with the Nokia Suite and then started the update, the Internet speed was pretty good and the Nokia software Updater downloaded the whole Update in less than 30 minutes, then came the hard thing, the software install which took about 10 minutes, But the real problem had just started , My Nokia Phone started asking me the Lock code, which I had forgotten, Still I knew a temporary solution , calling 112 and then disconnecting the call, it worked as usual. I restored the phone from the backup Using Nokia Pc Suite but only 59% data had been restored, I tried many times but all in vain. Now it has been 2 days and I can't use internet on my mobile, even it is not connecting to any Wi-fi connection. I am done with this , I have done a Lot of Google Search for any  solution but of no use. If any of You have the solution please tell me. 
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