Sunday, March 31, 2013


Here I am ;
Looking for freedom,
the world is a prison.
there seems no light
in the darkness of life
Still the spark is there
that I will be free
From Myself
today or Tomorrow
Or another good day,
Maybe the Days are haunted
By my own Imagination
And I expect a Lot
It is Burning me Inside
Like the Heart of Earth
Like the Core of Sun
Still I am Breathing
To Learn,To learn
Because, it is the Life
To learn and earn
Name and fortune for the Mediocre
and The Freedom For some
the freedom of Thoughts
The freedom from desires
the Freedom From Pain
the Freedom from Anger
And I want to cherish
the Joy of Life
the Joy of Being the Self
The soul Lying Inside
the Purification of Love
the Music of Divine Bliss
This is Life for some,
and Fiction for us,
Maybe What is see is fake
and Everything else real.

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