Wednesday, April 18, 2012

London olympics 2012

This olympic is gonna be awesome........17,000 atheletes, 70,000 journalists and half a million spectators.....LONDON will create a history,much costlier than China did
The motto for the London Olympics has been revealed as "Inspire a generation" as events are held to mark the 100-day countdown to the opening ceremony.
London 2012 chairman Seb Coe was at the unveiling of a giant set of Olympic rings, made up of 20,000 flowers, at Kew Gardens in west London.
He said: "Expectations are high and we won't disappoint."
Meanwhile, a BBC poll found 64% of 2,007 people thought taxpayers had paid too much to cover the Games' costs.
However, 55% said it would prove good value in terms of benefits to the UK.
Red Arrows
Announcing the motto, Lord Coe said: "It is everything we have been saying since we have started this extraordinary journey.
"It is the heartbeat, the very DNA of this organisation and a rallying cry for the athletes to come to the UK to perform at their very best and inspire the world."
He said it was vital organisers put athletes at the centre of the preparations and pledged: "We are going to deliver a fabulous Games for this country and the 200 other nations who'll be welcomed here."

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