Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hindus In Pakistan

The Hindus in Pakistan Are living a miserable life.No one talks about them .Their condition is no different than the Holocaust of the Jews.When something happens to any other ethnic group in any part of the world,there is a great hue and cry regarding the Human rights and quality of life, but who is listening to those millions of Hindus who are forcibly converted to Islam ,executed irrationally ,Hindu females Raped, taken away from their homes and forcefully married to Muslims and then COnverted to Islam.Out of 428 temples,only 26 are working and that too in a miserable way. In 1951,the population of Hindus in Pakistan was 22% ,but today,it is just 1.7% .Isn't that a kind of Holocaust which is silently going on in Pakistan without any interruption from outside world? What is the government doing for them,what has United Nations done for those MIllions of helpless people who are living in a constant danger.How can they lead a normal life,when things are so hard for them. Read this report from wikipedia " 
 Life of Hindus in Pakistan is very sad and are treated in very inhuman manners. There are almost no Human Rights for Hindus in Pakistan and media often reports of young Hindu teen girls getting kidnapped and subjected to forcible conversion as well as forced marriage with Muslims .
The textbooks which students study in Pakistan contain Anti-hindu material which is a serious source of reduced self esteem among Hindu students. They are treated more like Animals. I am sure most of you especially from  the western world would find this strange but Unfortunetely Unfortunately this is true. Most Pakistani Muslims are refugees in India and others are on a verge to leave their homes to find a safer environment i.e Exodus in the modern age. But  Still Indian Goverment has not Government has not provided them any facilities . Even they provide more Privileges for Anti-nationals and terrorists and other such groups.Some people have settled in India for decades but still they can't work here,as they are not the citizens of India. It is a request to all People from all religions to come forward against this condition of millions of people and raise your voice for their help so that they feel there are people out there worrying for their condition. Lets Include United nations and other International forces so that There might not be risk  end of another Race Like the Jews.
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