Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Ancient Foundations Found beneath a Temple in Kishtwar.

Ancient Shiv-Lingam found during Excavation
Ashtadash Bhuja Mata Mandir , in Kishtwar is a very ancient temple. Its antiquity is dated back to several centuries back ,mentioned in Rajtarangini (1063-1089). It is popularly called "Hatta Waali Mata" and was the family temple of the ancient Mehta Family . The Mehta Family was gifted the lands of Kishtwar by the King of Kashmir. Now It was the old story, 3 years back , the Temple had to be renovated in view of the small accomodation and the Mehta family took the charge of renovation. The old temple was very small, the new temple needed to have good fondation about 2-3 metres deep. When the labours were excavating the foundation,they found some massive stone blocks beneath . When all the stone blocks were uncovered , People did not believe their eyes, An old foundation of stone blocks were uncoverd, it was definitely a sign of antiquity of the temple, many other Idols,lingams, and other remains were found .  Yesterday ,on the occasion of MahaNavami ,I went to the temple and What I saw was that the Garbhagriha ( sanctum-sanctorum) had been constructed over the old foundation and It was Open for the Public. I went down the stairway,as it is 2-3m deep from Ground level, I took some Photos so that I could share it here.

This is a Carved Stone Conduit mainly used for draining Water

Side View of the small water conduit

Front View of the Small water conduit. 

The Presence of the ancient  short Water conduit marks the possibility that the foundation had a Shiva-Lingam on it.

The Sanctum sanctorum Built over the Ancient foundation

Ancient Idol of Maa AshtaBhuja Durga

Top view of the ancient stone foundation

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