Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Malala Yousafzai

A Little Girl from Pakistan Photo: Hit LIKE and share the photo of the 14 year old activist against Taliban who was shot by Taliban Yesterday,but She survived. Share her Photo so that every person on facebook,supports her mission against Terrorism .has started her crusade against the Talibani terror in Pakistan. She is just 14 year old,but has done what others have failed to achieve.She started fighting against Talibani terror since 2009,when she was just 11. At that time a young ,innocent girl of the beautiful Swat valley witnessed what the entire Pakistan and Afghanistan had already faced from decades. She was a Genius and knew the way to express her emotions, she posted a blog post for BBC ,The title of the post was ''I Am Afraid''. She was fighting for women Empowerment in Pakistan.Yesterday Talibani Militants stopped a Bus In swat valley and Shot Malala alonwith two other girls,she survived the attack but has left a lesson for the world to fight against Terrorism,
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