Monday, July 2, 2012

My world .. The perfect one

oh...sailor. Take me beyond the horizon. To a new world . where. No wealth controls me no addiction without love. only joy of self realisation. Rhythm of tranquil. where.the pursuit of love and hatred ends. With the victory of love. Where Black clouds signify only . Arrival of rain relation.exists...nor any hatred. Only me ,my imaginations may never end and i lay in the lap of dark waiting for light to shower my heart wid the endless joy. Freed me from all worldly chains of slavery ..i.want to fly far beyond the sky .no limits no hinderance. For this is a world of mine .my hopes My imaginations .where only i live .n no one is against me .my world. Yes, i m lost .in the ocean of my imaginations.where no one can find me.but i ain't selfish.for joy isn't a sin .take deep breath and dive in the ocean of imagination..... explore urself. There as u are alone with urself. One active mind in the subconcious one...both of ur own. Where no oxygen is needed to sustain. Only ur depth in the ocean goes on and on reach beyond the limits....there .is it .ohh,,,,,,joy....pleasure..eternal beauty ....lights all around.....i have found my world....myself.....there it is.. My world .my little world which means a lot to me and nobody still knows..... . .
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