Monday, July 2, 2012

Am I dead

  • Somtyms i feel lonely in d midst of a crowd...
  • .. A river passing by and people dying of thirst
  • . ...raindrops without ant satiety to earth..
  • ..the summer without any heat..
  •  .winter is flowing deep in my body
  •  . ..chilled widout any pain 
  •  without any hope. ..i lay...
  • .i was playing with my kids just before i slept. 
  • ..but ..oh! i cant try to wake up 
  •  .i hear everyone crying and asking  
  • something i can hear but can no longer figure it out
  •  or reply them either..... ....
  • ...i dont knw how to tell this in words to anybody
  •  ....but i knw deep in mah heart that it will pass to other hearts
  •  ....coz heart will never stop feeling emotions .
  • .living or dead. ..for d world
  •  i may seem dirty but there is nothing purer than death ..
  • ..for the world I maybe rubbish.but i am special for myself..

  • .... after all this let me guess... .
  •  .aint i dead
  • ....Tell me? Am I dead.....
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