Wednesday, July 4, 2012

God particle ( Higg's Boson particle ) discovered

CERN has found/discovered a new particle of the mass region of  125-126 GeV called Higg's Boson particle ,heaviest tparticle found till date. this is said to be 99.99% God particle. CERN released a press release today mentioning the experiment and the finds ...... ... The Standard Model describes the fundamental particles from which we, and every visible thing in the universe, are made, and the forces acting between them. All the matter that we can see, however, appears to be no more than about 4% of the total. A more exotic version of the Higgs particle could be a bridge to understanding the 96% of the universe that remains obscure.    ........this is preliminary step , more will be discovered later this year after the Observations of LHC in Geneva, headquarters of CERN.
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