Friday, September 21, 2012

The Devil - Beliefs and Misunderstandings

Most of us who believe in god ,believe in the Devil . Who exactly is a Devil? Does Devil really Exist? Or it is some kind of misunderstanding resulting in the merging of cultures. The mention of the Devil Arises in the Christianity and the Bible , and as a reason Devil worship was completely banned and considered taboo . Even idol worship was considered to be a kind of Devil worship.Many Misunderstandings arose due to the merging of the Old Paganism( religion based on the worship of nature) and Christianity . The Pagans worshiped air,water,light,different gods, their symbolism was a great mystery in which every part of the nature was present, The Five-pointed star, The angel of Light, circle, and idol worship.  But Christianity considered pagans the followers of devil, the word pagan itself meant as a taboo for Christians, Now I am going to tell you some points :
     1.the five pointed star embedded  in circle was a symbol of Venus (star) .She (venus) was considered to be the most beautiful star in the sky ,but in satanic culture ,the five pointed star in circle was the key symbol of Satanic culture,because when church banned the worship by pagans ,they were forced to worship in secret places and accidently got the epithet -Followers of Satan,even the Baphomet is nothing except a god of pagans, the God whi has got the head of a Male-Goat with curved horns,giving rise to several words in english vocabulary.
  2.Lucifer was considered to be the angel of Light in the pagan Culture, but the christians misunderstood it as the angel of Darkness as it was Lucifer who brought about light and darkness,but the Christians misunderstood it as the Prince of darkness and a messenger of the Devil who brought about the darkness in which satanic rituals could be completed.  
Many more evidences are there that the mention of the Devil is of no purpose as the devil does not exists. Darkness is not a energy but simply the absence of light .
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