Friday, June 22, 2012

The power of mind: tips for your mind

Blogging is the most appropriate method for making your ideas flow through the whole world. Times before the ideas were static. Even now many people are just ignorant to use the power of internet.It is a well rumored  myth that blogging means updating news and similar contents so that one can imitate websites and then signup for ad programs like Google Adsense etc. that will make them money. Is your power of expression limited for money?.......
 I remember the quote from BhagwadGeeta ,"Your only concern is action,not the output,and you shall not judge action by the difficulty of the action.''
  Now i must say that every person lives two lives: one social and other solitary. Our social life is only present when we are with someone we can talk to or exchange feelings,but the solitary life is all time present . It does not need any mean for exchanging thought but is itself a life within subconscious .Most of the people are not well aware of this fact as they might not have experienced the power of the subconscious   . We have 5 sensory organs with which we can see, listen,talk,smell,feel but is our life limited to this? If life was all about to see listen talk smell etc. then blind people would be considered dead. Isn't it? But that comprises of only one aspect of our life -- The Conscious mind.  Beneath this mind lies the mind of desires  it is like ... if ocean is the conscious  mind, the waves are the desires. The desires are very paradoxical  and one can not attain satiety if he thinks desires are limited. However the truth is : Desires are only an illusion caused by three factors.( gunas) ... Sata --the desire of comfort...  Raja the desire of karma which binds a mind in the cycle of maya ( the material world) . and Tama caused by the ignorance of knowledge. This is only a part of the mind.  Thus one cannot attain nirvana by simply not living, but he has to attain that place ,his mind has to be capable of being in resonance with the eternal soul. Thus all our mental problems can be solved by taking a positive approach towards situations. HERE are some tips that you may find useful in dealing with complex situations"
1. Try to  attain sambudhi ( remaining same ) i.e. never to get too excited or too depressed. When you start taking the situations lightly without being tense , you wont find that situation annoying anymore.
2. Be mature, understand that a particular situation won't last for long
3.  Remember that desires are not the true friend of your mind, as the real pure mind is free of desires, only the combo of mind and body and the psychological conditioning makes it appear as such, in reality there is no relation between desire and soul . As there is no relation between Science and desire.
4.Try not to be smart. This is the most simple yet complex point. Don't try to be, The "I" doesn't exist, it is only a  mean to express one's self . If it was so easy to understand oneself ,then  you may not have quarreled with someone or thought different on a dull day etc. One can't believe in this point unless he is the real seeker.
to be contd.
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