Sunday, June 3, 2012

India - a gift OF VEDAS

India is the land of saints and mahatmas, this has been the image of India to the world in the present age, but there was a time before the Muslim rulers and British government ,It was called the Vishwaguru, India excelled in all the field whether it be Arts ,Music( Samveda),Science(vigyan), Medicines(Ayurved), Aerodynamics,Mechanics,Physics(Bhautiki),Botany,Chemistry (Rasayana shastra), Warfare technology (Ballistics), Philosophy(Darshan shastra),Psychology,economics(arthashastra),Mathematics(Ganit), and other fields which are not yet discovered in the western world. 
  Lets start with the field of medicines , the most important of all. Dhanavantri is regarded as the father of Ayurveda. Lord Dhanavantri appeared during the Sagarmanthan and he carried the elixir ( amrit) with him. The ayurved was a developed science before the origin of christians and Muslim, shalyachikitsa and mention and procedure of other complex surgeries is in Ayurveda. The use of Kshar sutra in the treatment of Piles is still preferred than the allopathic treatment. The countless herbs and medicines (Aushidhi) can treat every kind of problem without any side-effect( exceptions in some cases,if dosage is more than prescribed)  The Use of turmeric , Kumkum(saffron) , tulsi, aswagandha , Arjuna (bark of arjuna  used for cardiac problems) is known to ever being. Yoga is helpful in increasing stamina and all the problems of mind and body  only with the well researched procedure of  holding and circulating prana. Hippocrates is said to have studied ayurveda thus resulting in the similarities of drugs and medicines , most of which are found in the Himalayas and the valleys in Himalaya range.
      Not only in medicines,the knowledge of Vedas is used as follows:
Music:  the knowlegde of algorithms ,Ragas, beats of various musical instruments like Veena , Mridangam,Tabla, flute and so on  ....  the music is said to have originated from Lord Shiva's divine Damru from which all the ragas and music came into existence. the chanting of Aum is said to relieve one from stress as Aum is the Beejmantra of universe i.e. the ultimate sound or the basic sound of universe. The veena (sitar) is said to emit vibrations which are in resonance with the vibrations of our mana (mind) .Thus nobody on earth will find the music of veena tasteless. The GODESS of Knowledge,Saraswati is holding a veena and four vedas, a Saftik mala( Quartz bead) ,Lotus and The Divine Hans ( swan) are her aasan( seat) and Vaahan respectively. if you imagine only these things together without imagining maa saraswati,  you will find it relaxing and soothing.
.....Now the language: Sanskrit is the most unambigous language on the planet. This language called the Dev-vani ( the language of God) . This  is different from all the other languages in the aspect that in sanskrit words are defined in a predefined class and thus if one makes  a sofware of sanskrit programming, one can make computer programs without any need to study C,C++ ,java .... i.e. a sanskrit learned person is equivalent to a software engineer ,but this is possible only when natural language is wsed for programing. A verse from Hindu scriptures in prraise of Maa Saraswati :  Ae hansawaaahini gyaandayani amb vimal-mati de... ( Oh! mother whose vaahan is swan, who is the source of all knowledge, bless us with politeness). This is the reason why India never attacked any country in her thousands of years of span ever, because the vedic sanskars and vedic philosophy makes a person true, non-violent , polite, and most of all tolerant.. THE reason India allowed every religion to flourish like zoroastrism, and budhists from Tibet.
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