Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Exploited Chenab Valley

The political situation of Jammu & Kashmir is always in crisis. Day and again issues keep resurfacing which are harmful for the integrity of India . Still a majority of population of Jammu and kashmir are proud Indians , but due to the minuscule anti-social elements the society is always in a turmoil , jobless youths being brainwashed by goons and put to use for their own ambitions . But Kashmir is not the worst sufferer of this turmoil , Neither is the Jammu City , Reason Being , After 1947 the center of political operations has been kashmir only and  the legislators have to keep in mind the wishes of Kashmiris , So a huge percentage of Annual Budget is utilized in the province that covers only 11% area of the state , In any state selection list the number of people selected from Kashmir valley is far in excess of people selected from Jammu+Ladakh combined .
The development of jammu and Kashmir is thus done on a sole motive to earn Kashmiri support, the worst sufferers are not Jammuities ( People of Jammu City) but the populace of the Entire jammu and ladakh region , we have seen a sort of lack of unity in the Populace of Jammu region as some areas like Chenab valley and Pir Panchal region identifies themselves  closer to Kashmir than Jammu and have been used by the propagandists to win the elections, and if one travels the length and breadth of Jammu and Kashmir state, he may know the difference , the Chenab Valley and Pir Panchal region are full of natural resources . Chenab Valley is capable of generating 9000MW of electricity and is able to run the State of J&K alone keeping aside the Forests, Mineral and Human resource . Tourism in this region is scanty and that too because of  Local Support than the state Govt. The conditions of Roads are not hidden from anyone, Day and again accidents keep happening in the Chenab Valley region. If one travels form Kishtwar to Anantnag via Sinthan , there will be a line of clear demarcation on the road , the road from Kishtwar to Sinthan is Unmotorable , (recently on July 8th 9 people including 2 doctors lost their lives in an accident on this road ), but from Sinthan onwards the Road is 4-lane and perfectly black topped & tourists are rushing from Srinagar to Sinthan generating ample revenue for the Kashmiris , but what for the  Poorest populace that has been left with no alternative than working as labourers .
 The only alterntive is to get aligned to get what is ours, what We people from Chenab valley  deserve . People of Kishtwar , Doda, bhaderwah need to come forward irrespective of region and Religion and fight for our rights and identity , the only way is to shun the Kashmir based Political parties which have always exploited the Poorest people of J&K to feed the ever hungry class. 
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