Saturday, July 5, 2014

Release of 46 Indian Nurses : Diplomatic Success or International Achievement

The situation of Iraq & Syria is not hidden from anyone , The third world is the most affected by this development because the two superpowers - USA & Russia have been playing their dirty games in the Oil Rich Playground . Their own desires have always created turmoil in the region and also affecting the South & South east Asia .
   But this time it was not the same , the developments have been taking place in Syria from last two years , the Reign of Assad, Use of Chemical Weapons, America crying Human Rights Violations, Russia Silent , America Helping Syrian Rebels, was in International Headlines from past two years , but recently Old friend of Al-Qaeda - Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi who took the advantage of these happening ,and Made An Ultra-Sunni group called Islamic state of Iraq & Levant (ISIL) to fight the Final Jihad against Democracy in Syria & Iraq.
 The crackdown on Mosul , the second Biggest city in Iraq in June this Year , made everyone bite their nails. It happened all under the Eyes of USA & Russia , but they kept mum, Reason being USA has met her energy security for over a 20 years & Russia has  recovered recently from Ukraine Crisis and All the US allies have imposed massive sanctions over her , Thus Mother Russia was more careful about Internal matters than Iraq.
For India , attack over Mosul By ISIS terrorists was the biggest external issue, much greater than Pakistan . Because Iraq affects Security, geopolitics and Economy of India to a large extent .
 After Saudi Arabia , Iraq is the major source of  Crude Oil for India , More than 10,000 Indian Citizens were in Iraq before the turmoil , most of them Engineers, workers & Nurses .
 But the real issue was something more dangerous , Iraq has never been the Known Friend for India as Iraq was preoccupied with The West and the Shia-Sunni divide.
 Now , who is the real Player then? USA out of sight . Russia silent , India Unimportant , Pakistan looking towards USA , Afghanistan itself passing through  bad phase ( NATO leaving ) , Saudi Arabia happy over the developments , Jordan , UAE , Kuwait want to stay out of it  as it affects the economy of these countries adversely.
 So the Ball was in IRAN's Court , & Iran Internally was boiling after the Ethnic Cleansing (  targeted killings) of Shiites  and Iran wanted to end the suffering of minorities of Iraq . Several times Iran gave open warnings to ISIS and gave signals about joining with Iraqi Govt. against the fight .
 And then the Friend of Iran , Russia ( both are open enemies of USA & Israel ) came into picture . Russia is fighting against the ISIS using the Air-strikes, Iran has prepared an Army against ISIS .
 ISIS declared its Islamic Caliphate on June 29th , 2014 , but Iran & Russia were more bothered about their defeat , ISIS is now circulating Online Threat Videos , beheading of Innocent men & Women, Children etc .
to create terror in the eyes of the World , but in reality if Russia is serious about the mission , then ISIS is on its way of defeat & the Sunni Caliphate is impossible !!
 The release of 46 Indian Nurses is not a simple thing , It means a lot for India . It means India has got her spine now, That India is now capable of Handing issues which USA & Russia can't take with such tranquility.
 46 Indian Nurses were released without any Hostage Crisis, Without any bloodshed , without any External support( Of Superpowers) . & without any International Debate .
Kudos to Indian Diplomates & All those involved in the Mission & last but not the least , thanks to The Indian Nurses , who were so Courageous and Patient during this turmoil and did not malign their Profession.

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