Friday, August 3, 2012

Dan Brown, My favourite author

Dan Brown is the most Fascinating authors of the decade. I started reading his novels after I developed some interest towards reading and the First novel I read was The Pilgrimage by Paulo Ceolho but that was a hard read , I completed that Novel In 1 month and most of the times i found myself reading the Novel on Long travels,I enjoyed the novel but the practices Paulo has mentioned in it ,I found them of No use , The digging of nail in thumb was much like the cilice of Opus Dei which is worn to provide pain and discomfort as a sign of repentance and atonement.
 After one year of reading the novel I went to my Uncle's Home and my Cousin told me about novels,he has read a lot of books most of which are related to Philosophy and Spirituality but I am too impatient to study Spiritual books, rather I believe that Spiritualism is an Inner thing which is attained by inner means not searching  books and gaining knowledge help you with that,spiritual heights can be reached when One has completed the Inner mental journey and that can be done with practice and meditation. Now leave that subject behind. I found The deception Point there and asked him how that was. He told me that he had not read the Novel yet but he told me That The Da Vinci Code of the author was a great novel.I thought Like a Good Director makes good Movies, A good Writer always comes up with good stories. I took the novel and started reding it .Oh God ! I forgot Food and everything else for 7hours and read half of the novel , I had never spent such a  Continuous time in just one thing and that too in reading book. I became the fan of the author and Now I have read all except one of his works and I hope to read that last book of him soon.
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