Monday, June 25, 2012

Are you being bullied? Some tips

Bullying is sometimes thought only to accur to high school children and teens. But now everything is become more clear that one can be a victim to bullying at any age and at any place and seriously it is the worst nightmare of one's life. Parent are the one who never know their child is a victim since they think its just a part of their life and it will make their child strong. However this is completely lame, bullying has never made anyone strong directly. ...What is bullying? *when others make fun of your appearance, overweight people of any age rank high as the victim of bullying. *Teens who wear spects are no longer bullied . *students getting more grades and who don't like to participate in sports are also more prone to bullying. *Sometimes its all because of one thing you have done in the past like you participated in some high school concert or a dance and were not that good, may be you were nervous and then your peers started making fun of you . calling out by names, teasing you or irritating you are the most common methods. Un high school or even colleges atleast 1-2% students are being bullied daily and they don't like going to school or college anyway . Recently a bus monitor Karen Klein, 68 year old lady was bullied by school boys. She was ignoring like all victims do , looking through the bus window, remaining quiet but finally when she couldnt take it anymore, she broke out in tears.... Bullying is the main cause of suicide among teens as well as adults. Teen boys may start wokring out so as to take revenge ,but in the mean time ,they lose their self esteem and fall in depression, some may even fall under the trap of drug abuse. overweight teens may stop eating their lunch in school , may start overdieting but all in vain and then disasterous results may happen. thing is that you cannot control others and you may stop talking with them, this is not the solution.. Well , the solution lies within ourselves, Start meditating daily ,i bet people who are bullied have a great potential for meditation, meditate in the right way. The right way is sit in lotus position and close your eyes. Now you dont have to do anything . just one approach that we are all nothing bt the puppets of God, this body is not what I can say is mine. Well ,the soul is and most difficult thing in this world is to remain happy always , now dont think anything and give your brain and nervous ststem some rest. Dont try to think anything, and most important thing is ::::when some thoughts are runnung dont stop them as if you are trying something, make it spontaneous. Be like an atom who doesn't think or try ,just go with the flow . This exercise when done daily will have a no. Og positive results, you won't take things like bullying seriously, others will know your importance , and will ultimately realize that you have a great heart . Those people who used to bully you,will be your greatest friends and followers.
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